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What to do When Curing the Common Cold

To date, scientists have not yet invented a cure for a cold. The term common cold alone terrifies any person. More than two-hundred viruses cause the common cold symptoms. You should not worry anymore since there are tips on how to overcome this menace. Here are the top five on how to get over a cold.

The first tip is to drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated is essential when one is ill. Taking a lot of water helps to break down the congestion. Water can also help our body in fighting the virus since it strengthens our immune system. Taking coffee when you have a cold is not useful since it is known to be a diuretic. They thus make the body to pass more water than usual. You should avoid drinking coffee at all cost when suffering from cold. The medics recommend taking non-caffeinated tea, plenty of water and small quantities of juices.

Another tip is to get enough rest. Several people do not give their bodies a rest even when they are suffering or ailing. It is common to be less productive when one is ill than when one is okay. A sick body is a sleepy body; thus, you will have the urge to sleep more. You can give your body a rest by seeking for sick leave. Your recovery will take a lot of time if you force yourself to work.

You should also guarantee that your body is kept warm every time. You can truly overcome the cold by keeping your body warm all the time. You can also turn the heat ON if need be to ascertain your warmth. The body can also be kept warm by consuming hot cup of tea or a bowl of hot soup. The itchy coughs and sore throats can be eliminated by taking a bowl of hot soup. Chicken soup is a great remedy to keep our body warm.

Another option is to use medicine. Nonetheless, the use of too much drugs is not ideal to treating the common cold. The main reason why we should not treat cold with drugs is because the cold will be gone after a few days. Nonetheless, eliminating the symptoms will make one to feel better faster. One can consider using the various anti-inflammatory drugs such as the ibuprofen. Ibuprofen pill is known to control our body temperature without relieving the pain.

Lastly, another beneficial tip is to gargle salt water. The salty water is very beneficial as it lowers the pain generated by a sore throat. The gargling of salty water can also reduce the rawness as well as the swelling on the throat. Prepare the salty water by mixing small quantity of salt and warm water. However, it will make you feel much better rather than experience the pain due to itchiness on the throat.